We share the same goal… building your business

In construction, many people are all too familiar with the phrase you can have it nice, cheap, or fast; but you can NOT have it all. At Stentiford Construction, we proudly say that you CAN have it all. We deliver excellence to our clients by exceeding expectations. With every project, we meticulously curate the budget and ensure that every bid is competitive, thorough, and current while also ensuring that the proposed schedule is maintained, and roadblocks are quickly and efficiently navigated. While accomplishing these two key components, we make sure to never compromise the quality of the overall project.

It is practices like these that have allowed us to operate continuously for the last twenty years without ever defaulting our creditors, always remaining bonded, and never incurring ANY litigation. During that time, we have established many lasting relationships with worldwide corporations, fortune 100 companies, and established developers that have become repeat clients every year. Whether it is a storefront buildout or a new plaza, we would be honored to discuss your upcoming project with you.