Gause & Son Jewelers

Ocala, FL

Gause ands Son Jewelers was a 4,000 sq ft total renovation that was completed in 50 days. Located on the square in the heart of downtown Ocala, this project required transforming the space from 2,000 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft in a structure built in the late 1800’s to a modern fine jewelry store. The remodel of the flagship location of the sixty year old business required a unique attention to detail and standards of the highest quality. While working within our timeline of 50 days, the interior space was completely demolished and rebuilt, including the delivery of three tractor trailer loads of custom built, state of the art jewelry showcases.

The owner was promised to be back open for business in sixty days, and the project was delivered ahead of schedule. As with every project the owner, Mr. Jerry Gause, remains a vital reference and a testament to our performance.

Through Paul Stentiford and Stentiford Construction we have accomplished our dream at Gause and Son Jewelers. I am delighted to recommend Paul and Stentiford Construction as a builder to anyone.
Jerry Gause, President, Gause and Son Jewelers

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