New Modern Home

Ocala, FL

Going green doesn’t always mean having to give up on luxury. Likewise, you don’t have to live on South Beach to impress your guests with stylish modern digs. One local couple has found a way to combine absolute indulgence with environmentally friendly elements that are nothing short of flawless beauty.

This lived in masterpiece is made up of over 9,000 square feet of functional space, set privately behind a hedge of natural bamboo.

Inside this impressive home, guests will be in awe of the spiraling staircases, imported Italian tile, private wine room, and home theatre with a 136” viewing screen.

What guests cannot see are the lengths the home owners went to in an effort to maintain a green way of living. From a custom ethanol fireplace that burns clean custom ethanol with no emissions to a high efficiency AC unit and solar panel hot water system, this home operates as intricately as it looks.

Wired to a smart home automation system, the entire operation can be controlled from an iPad or iPhone. From the 14 security cameras to the electric blinds, all of which operates remotely, this home defines state-of-the-art.

-Excerpt from Ocala Magazine

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